Meet our Trainers

Meet our Trainers:


Frank Grijalva

Frank came through the California system as a child adopted into a family challenged with mental health and substance abuse issues. Frank’s first professional training was as a special warfare diver attached to the Mariner Mammal program of the United States Navy where he spent 8 years honing behavior modification skills and understanding the dynamics of nonverbal communication. Later, as a stay at home dad for 2 kids and a student of psychology he became aware of and struggled with development, trauma exposure, and behavioral progressions.

Frank has worked with the International Trauma Center since 1999 and deployed to Ground Zero to manage logistics and safety for a team of clinicians working with a federal agency in “the dig” to stabilize them ongoing as they did their difficult work. Frank also worked extensively throughout Louisiana and Mississippi in the aftermath of Katrina. Frank has worked abroad in Israel, Gaza and the West Bank, Nepal, Jordan and several other countries for agencies like Save the Children, USAID, the World Bank and the International Center for the Protection of Victims of Torture to develop interventions, learn from and train clinicians working with children exposed to extreme conditions.

As Director of the Midwest Trauma Services Network and senior manager for the International Trauma Center he has spent the last several years introducing and training selected trauma informed evidence based practices as well as designing and implementing innovations specific to children from at-risk environments through the OJJDP. Frank has a BS in disaster psychology with an emphasis on mental health stabilization, an MS in Public Health with a focus on child mental health and is currently pursuing a masters in clinical counseling. His mission is to create a world that understands the impact of trauma and abuse on children, families and communities by teaching and implementing multi-disciplinary evidence based practice

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Julia Webb, LMSW

Julia Webb, has dedicated much of her academic and professional career to identifying and developing best practices in working with LGBTQ youth. Julia has over 10 years of experience working to create safe and sensitive communities and services for LGBT persons through training, presenting, and direct consultation with individuals and agencies. She currently serves as the Emergency Services Coordinator at Rosedale Shelter, Youth and Shelter Services, in Ames.

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Anthony President, Senior Training Consultant

Anthony President is an Author, Motivational Speaker and a Certified Trainer with the Institute for Human Services, Ohio Human Services Training Program and Visiting Instructor at Lakeland Community College. He holds a BA in Sociology from John Carroll University. He has served with distinction as the Senior Training Officer, for Cuyahoga County Human Services and worked with fragile families as a Social Services Worker. Anthony has over 14 years training experience in both the public and private sector on a variety of Social Service and Employee Development topics for a variety of Human Service Agencies throughout the state of Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. His latest book “How You Can Become an Invincible Social Worker” is used in Colleges and Universities throughout the country. This Award Winning Trainer, volunteers his time mentoring at risk youth and speaking to youth on life skill development, goal setting and career planning.

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Jim Still-Peppers

Jim has over 30 years of experience working with troubled, at-risk youth.

He is an outpatient counselor at Six County Inc., a community mental health center. Jim is the Director of Community Based Clinical Services. His primary task is to get clinical services out of the centers and into the community. He and his team cover a six county region. He works with youth from preschool through high school, though he loves to work with oppositional middle school girls.

He is the founder of Still Light Seminars LLC, a motivational training and consulting company. Jim makes about a 140 presentations a year. He has trained nationally and internationally. He is the past winner of the Linda Pope Award through the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program and was the winner of the Distinguished Trainer Award through the National Staff Development and Training Association. In 2006 he was awarded the Rising Star Award from OCWTP. He was also trainer of the Year in 2003 at the North East Ohio Regional Training Center. Jim has an empathic and creative style in his presentation that motivates participants to try practical interventions and skills taught. Jim’s workshops focus on the mental health and care of children and adolescents.

He is a co-facilitator of the Training of Trainer curriculum for the Typical or Troubled program of the American Psychiatric Foundation. He has trained hundreds of school staff, around the country, to become trainers for this program.

He is the creator and founder of Teen To Teen. This program trains high school students to come up with their own presentations about important teen issues. These teens take their messages to middle schools and high schools.

Jim is an author. He has written almost 100 articles and has authored or co-authored 7 books.

For Jim though, the best part of what he gets to do is to be a husband and a father.

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