Foundation of Trauma (level 1)

This training will discuss the broad spectrum of major contributors to a child’s behavior, what needs to be addressed first and what short/long term reasonable outcomes are. Learn about the lifespan consequences of trauma, on an individual/community and staff’s role as the protectors and educators, in a child’s life. They will also learn how to engage in and explore concrete processes to stabilize attachment, develop safe relationships and effective emotional management.

Self Care of Trauma (level 2)

This training builds on Level 1 and discusses information about the long-term consequences of trauma on an individual and community as well as staff’s role as protectors and educators. There will be a discussion of what happens to staff as they operate in highly stressful environments and the importance of self-care.

Safety multimodal designed for stabilization of system involved youth-KINNECT (level 3)

Safety may be perceived differently by each child and because of his or her history. This training is based on a trauma informed multimodal multidisciplinary curriculum designed for stabilization of system involved youth. This training will explore a child’s view of what is meant by: physically safe, socially safe, safety in flight, fight and freeze, and how ones self begins with safety.